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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Seismic Bowling New ball

Seismic bowling is a small bowling ball brand working to make a huge name! With Brian Voss a PBA 25 title star throwing Seismic these balls have been a real hit! They have a new ball coming out June 2012 called the Raging Bull Stampede!! There have not been many other details released but Ill be sure to give them to you as soon as they release! This ball being made by seismic will be sure to stampede right over those pins! Check out the website and see for yourself all the cool bowling balls they have available!

Whats a Hammer without a Nail?

Thats a good question what is a hammer without a nail... its useless without the nail of course which is why hammer introduces its new bowling ball The Nail! This ball of course is a true hammer ball! The ball features the Shredder Reactive Pearl coverstock with the modified Doom core. This ball is built to be for medium to dry oil lanes so you have something in your bag when everything is just not staying on the lane. This Ball is a true gem in the Hammer line up. Its built to be nice and lengthy down the lanes and turning to get to the pocket and crushing it like a hammer! Check out the hammer staff throwing the nail and see for yourself if you like it or not!

Hammer Vibe!

We have seen the vibe line grow since the beginning. The blue vibe, Peach vibe, cherry vibe, emerald vibe, onyx vibe, midnight vibe and the grape vibe but now we have the COBALT VIBE!! Yes the cobalt vibe is hammers newest vibe in the line up, this ball is made for those nights where the lanes are just dried up and you cant seem to get anything to stay on the lane! This ball features the violent reactive pearl coverstock and the vibe core of course! This ball give you great continuation down the lane to get the length you need to the pocket then cracking the rack like a hammer should! If you dont believe me how great this ball check out the video by the hammer team of them using the Cobalt Vibe and see for yourself how this ball hits like a hammer!

Im Back!!

Ive been so busy lately its been hectic but im here to give some more reviews, Track, Ebonite, Hammer and storm have come out with a ton of new bowling balls for the summer! These balls are all great and Ill be sure to get around to most companies! If you want any info on any ball please let me know Ill be glad to review just for you!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Anybody like Dice?

So I picked up this cool bowling ball someone had custom made and I look its a nice plastic ball. So I pick it up and I look only to see a pair of dice inside the ball? I look and say to myself wow thats really cool I wanna buy this ball and it was never drilled either which was even greater! So I take it to the pro shop guy and I ask how much? He tells me 10$! So knowing me im thrilled 10$ for a bowling ball? and he drops and slams the bowling ball on the ground behind the counter... I just had my heart sink into my stomach and thinking "I cant believe he just threw and maybe destroyed the bowling ball I wanted on the ground!!!" He then picks it up and behold theres a rattling sound? Turns out nobody had touched that ball in years!! So the dice were stuck inside and he got them unstuck and now I have this amazing spare ball with dice inside!! Check out a pic I have of the ball I thought this was literally the coolest thing I have ever owned in my life!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Ohh man hammer let out a video that is sure to make spines tingle and guys and girls everywhere left in suspense. Hammer is coming out with a new line of bowling balls during the summer sometime and its sure to be a great one! They released this video last week of a product teaser!! Check this video out and tell me your not excited to see this line come out!!! 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

DV8 Reckless!!

DV8 is a brand that came and took the bowling world by storm and out of nowhere!! These balls are something that nobody saw coming but ended up being a very big upcoming!! The 1st line was out with the misfit, the reckless and the hell raiser which are the order from light oils to heavy oils and day by day they are working to add new balls to the line which brought the hell raisers revenge and the too reckless. The Reckless is a mid performace ball that many bowlers use on all conditions. Me myself I used this ball on the shark pattern during practice and this ball knew how to find the pocket no problem. I had the drilling with the pin next to the ring finger to give it a layout that causes the ball to snap hard! I would play from the 15 board out to 9 and it would snap back and crush the rack all day every day. When I first saw these balls I thought these cant be that great but of course curiosity got the best of me and I had to try this ball out. To my surprise the Reckless knew how to  crush the pocket every time, It gave a very readable hook, nice backend and great length. If you have a hole in your arsenal try this ball in your bag, im sure you will love it just as much as i do, but everybody's opinion is different. Heres a video of the ball being thrown to show you how nice the reaction  is on the lane!